Inspired by the high quality and simple elegance of straps from the mid-twentieth century our collection provides the perfect complement to the classic beauty of vintage rangefinder cameras. With the active photographer in mind the straps are stylish and comfortable, strong and durable, each crafted and finished entirely by hand in the United States of America. 

Made from the finest leather hides available and hand dyed individually, each strap is premium quality, has rich color and its own unique character. The leather is sealed with two layers of flexible water resistant coating and buffed with sheep wool to leave an attractive and enduring mellow gloss finish. The entire length of the edges are burnished and given a durable flat black coating sourced from Italy. This fine detail works doubly to smooth and seal the open pores – ensuring longevity – and to communicate a palpable high-end aesthetic. A labor of love, this level of craftsmanship cannot be rushed and it can take up to 3 days to complete each strap. Dedication to craft and scrupulous attention to detail results in a classic product that will stand the test of time. 

• Strap keepers prevent loose ends.
• Split rings attach directly to lug mounts.
• Bumpers prevent scratches and wear to the camera body.
• Swivel snap hooks prevent the strap from twisting so it always lies perfectly flat and can be attached and removed quickly.
• Made in USA
• Premium grade full-grain vegetable tan cowhide.
• Non-toxic penetrating dye for rich color.
• Smooth burnished edges finished with a durable and stylish Italian coating.
• Sealed with a flexible, water-resistant top coat and buffed with sheep wool to leave a mellow gloss finish.

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